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Barf, Lords Seat, Broom Fell and Graystones Lake District Walking Routes

Distance: 10.8 miles

Ascent: 2887ft

Fells: Barf, Lords Seat, Broom Fell and Graystones

Barf: 1535ft

Lords Seat: 1810ft

Broom Fell: 1680ft Graystones: 1500ft

Despite the nice forecast, the day was glum and overcast. A large amount of rain the previous few weeks meant that the ground was saturated and it only took a matter of minutes to get wet feet.

The route up Barf is short and sharp, but gets you up quickly. You get a good view of The Bishop of Barf, the white rock that shows the location of where the Bishop of Derry got thrown by his horse after a rather foolhardy bet that he could ride up the side of Barf. The summits are not that noticeable, with only small elevations, other than Broom Fell, which make sup for the others by having a comically large cairn and shelter.

From then it is a lot of undulating terrain with only a few major ascents. Despite the weather, it is always nice to get out and have a blast around the fells. Despite being a half term, there was hardly anyone giving a nice bit of peace and quiet.

the bishop on Barf
Looking up towards The Bishop

A small, wet scramble going up Barf
A small, wet scramble going up Barf

Looking through the plantation
Looking through the plantation

Whinlatter forest
Looking over Whinlatter Forest

Basenthwaite from Barf
Basenthwaite from Barf

Barf summit
Barf summit

Looking back at Barf while heading on to Lords Seat
Looking back at Barf while heading on to Lords Seat

The track between Barf and Lords Seat has been improved greatly

boggy fell lake district
Becoming a touch boggy underfootb

Broom Fell Summit
Broom Fell Summit

Stunning view from Graystones

cloudy fells
Heading back to Lords Seat

Through the forest

fields from above
Looking over the fields in an opening in the trees

Disclaimer: This is an account of my walk, it is not a guide. Do not go on a walk on these fells based solely off this guide. Remember, the fells are dangerous if you are unprepared and inexperienced.

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