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Best places to see heather in the Lake District

Who doesn't love to see heather? The small flowers bloom and provide a subtle colouration to the rugged sides of the Lake District fells enhancing their beauty during their flowering season between July and September. While seeing heather is amazing, seeing it against a backdrop of beautiful fells is just simply breathtaking.

While many places have heather, where are the best places to see heather in the Lake District?


Just above Watendlath, at the end of Borrowdale lies Dock tarn. As well as boasting an impressive array of heather, it has beautiful views over the fells of Glaramara and Eagle Crag

heather in the lake district
Image Credit: Derek Poulton

Side Pike

Side Pike is well known for its drystone wall creating a beautiful leading line to the fells. From this relatively small viewpoint, you get stunning views of the Langdales, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags, as well as an abundance of heather.

Heather in the lake district
Image Credit: Derek Poulton


A small fell that seemingly stands alone, Binsey is a only a short walk from the road that runs next to it. Once you have summited, you will be treated to views of the Skiddaw Massif, Bassentwaite as well as fells near Whinlatter. Summers evenings are a great time to go as the setting sun casts a red light on the heather, making it almost glow.

Heather in the lake district

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