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Coledale Horseshoe: Lake District Walking Routes

Distance: 8.35miles

Ascent: 3468ft


Grisdale Pike: 2595ft

Crag Hill: 2753ft

Sail: 2536ft

Barrow: 1494ft

As I drove to Braithwaite, the cloud was down and I anticipated a day of not seeing a great deal. Climbing Grisdale Pike, the cloud began to burn off in the early morning sun, until whisps were left around the fells. Across the valley, looking towards Causey Pike and Barrrow, the fells were intermittently swallowed by clouds, before being revealed again in all their splendour.

The ascent of Crag Fell was by the fell race line, a steep, scree ascent, before rising up to the summit. From there you could see right down the valley, across to Skiddaw in the distance. The day was warm and dry, with only small patches of snow left from the downpour earlier in the week.

grisdale pike summit
The first summit of the day: Grisdale Pike

lake district fells
Looking over the fells from Grisdale Pike

Crag Hill summit
Crag Hill summit

Crag Hill summit cairn
Crag Hill summit cairn

Grisdale Pike in cloud
Grisdale Pike in cloud

Going onto Sail

Looking towards Rowling End
Looking towards Rowling End

Disclaimer: This is an account of my walk, it is not a guide. Do not go on a walk on these fells based solely off this guide. Remember, the fells are dangerous if you are unprepared and inexperienced.

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